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Playground Rules


Students must be within sight of adult supervisors at all times.
No returning to hallways or classrooms during recess except to use the bathroom or with adult permission.
Lower play area: students are to play on the flat portion of the lower field only.
Upper play area: students are to avoid the areas in front of Room 20 and behind B/ASC.

Play Structure/Climbing
Students may climb only on a play structure. They may not be on top of the apparatus. 
When hanging upside down or spinning around, students must have at least one leg AND one hand on the bar.
Students may not jump from any point higher than their height.
Students may only go down the slide feet first.
Students may not play tag or running games within the red rubber area.
Monkey bars: Travel in one direction, one at a time, avoid skipping bars.
No standing, laying or twisting on playground swings.
Tire swing rules:
G4 and G5 students are not to use the tire swing during the early morning recess 
No standing on the tire swing
Limit of three students at a time on the tire swing

Field Rules
No contact sports.
Students must stay on the field and avoid the hillside.
Students may use half of the grass field closest to the blacktop.

Personal sports equipment should not be used during school hours.
Students may not bring or use baseballs, hard frisbees, or other objects that fly long distances or are hard.
Games that involve kicking a ball with force, must be played in an uncongested area.

Taking Turns
If there is a line to use an apparatus or piece of equipment, the next child in line will count to “30 Sleepy Hollow” at which point s/he will gain access.

Contested Rules
If there is disagreement over a foul or if a child is “out”, the next in line will determine an appropriate call.

Tag games are discouraged and can be stopped or banned if problems occur. All players must consent to play. (No unwanted chase games.)
Games are all-inclusive. Although in team sports a student may need to wait for another student to arrive before joining in to keep the teams even. 
When the bell rings, students will stop their activities and “take a knee”. The teacher’s whistle will release them. (Please blow the whistle as soon as possible.) Students will walk to line up for class.
Dangerous behavior, including inappropriate use of play equipment or natural objects (sticks, etc.), is not permitted.

Students may only eat snacks at the picnic tables. They are responsible for cleaning up after themselves.

Students may go to the bathroom two at a time.
Bathrooms are not to be used as a play area.

Checking Out Equipment
Play equipment will be made available on the Ball Cart.
Students who use equipment will be encouraged to place it back on the cart.
Play equipment monitors will be responsible for picking up any leftover equipment after the bell rings.

Visiting the STEAM Lab and the Library
Students may visit the STEAM Lab or Library during recess time.
STEAM Lab Hours:
morning and lunch recess Tuesday - Friday, unless otherwise indicated.
Library Hours:
morning recess Monday - Thursday, unless otherwise indicated.

Lunch Rules/Procedures

  • Students are escorted to the MPR where they wash hands, line up for lunch, or go to the table with bag lunch.

  • Students must raise their hands and be recognized to go to the water fountain or bathroom.

  • Students will be dismissed by the adult in charge in an orderly manner.

  • Lunch supervisors will monitor recycling efforts when feasible.

Loss of privilege
Conference with principal and parent 

Serious problems such as possession of weapons or drugs, fighting or profanity or harassment are reported to the principal immediately.