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2nd Grade


This year's curriculum includes. . .


  • Fluency
  • Fiction, information books, folk and fairy tales, series
  • Deepen and extend comprehension skills: Predicting, Monitoring, Clarifying, Connecting, Questioning, Summarizing


  • Personal narratives
  • Expert Writing
  • Writing about Reading
  • Poetry
  • Lab Reports and Science Books

Word Work

  • Letter sounds, vowel sounds, patterns
  • Conventions
  • Vocabulary acquisition and use
  • Prefixes and suffixes
  • Structure of a sentence


  • Extend understanding of base-ten notation
  • Build fluency with addition and subtraction within 20
  • Use standard units of measure
  • Describe and analyze shapes
  • Work with time and money


  • Insects and Plants
  • Pebbles, Sand, and Silt
  • Balance and Motion

Social Studies

  • Long Ago and Yesterday
  • Map Skills
  • Our Government
  • Producers and Consumers
  • People in History